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Serena Sterling Gets Her Cookie Frosted by Porn Dude

Serena Sterling was selling cookies but ended up getting her own cookie frosted. Come watch!

Aderes Quin Blows Porn Dude’s Fireworks
Alison Rey Gives Porn Dude the Happiest Ending

Alison Rey came by to help get a kink out of my back. See what else this kinky babe did!

Addison Vodka Makes a Special Delivery to Porn Dude

Addison Vodka nibbled on my pizza she was delivering. Want to see how she made it right?

Porn Dude Teaches Kona Jade a Sexy Lesson

Kona Jade has been misbehaving, and it’s up to Porn Dude to straighten her out. Want to watch?

Porn Dude Helps Luna Luxe Out of a Sticky Situation

Oh no! Luna Luxe got stuck in my dryer. Watch the rescue and the reward!

Megan Mistakes and Porn Dude Bring Out the Suds

Megan Mistakes only set out to wash a car, but my dick was spotless by the end!

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Serena Sterling
“This is better than selling cookies!
Alison Rey
“I think I can get a nut… get the knots out of here!
Addison Vodka
“Large sausage pizza for delivery? Oh, so that’s a sausage!
Kona Jade
“Who are you and what are you doing in my bathroom?
Luna Luxe
“Help! Can anyone hear me?
Megan Mistakes
“You wanna go inside my car wash?
Emily Jade
“I really do need some fun in my life today!
Gigi Dior
“Discounts aren’t the only thing I can give!
Aviana Violet
“I can’t wait to drain all of your cum!
Emma Rosie
“I wanna be your good little cumslut!
The Final cuntdown
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Annie King
Annie King
Professional Model

Welcome to Porn Dude Casting, with your old friend, The Porn Dude!

Most of you already know me from ThePornDude, the most popular, respected, and world-renowned porn site directory on the Internet. I’ve spent nearly a decade now cataloging the best smut on the web, carefully fap-testing each and every amateur collection and premium footjob gallery, all to make sure my millions of daily visitors are able to find exactly the type of dirty movies they’re trying to beat off to. Whether you’re looking for a free tube full of lesbians, a paysite stocked with Asians doing anal, or a message board to indulge your kinkiest BDSM furry fantasies, I’ve got you covered over at ThePornDude.

I may have had to do a lot of the work with just one free hand and a blistering Viagra headache, but it’s been a true labor of love. Along the way, I’ve reviewed thousands of adult websites, been interviewed in the pages of Hustler, and increased my forearm stamina by at least a thousand percent. I’ve also learned a hell of a lot about smut, like what makes a good free tube stand out, which camera angles best displays the beauty of a woman’s bunghole, and how premium joints can keep their users perpetually horny for more. There’s only so long a man can hold onto that kind of information before he’s forced to act on it, though, which sums up why I started Porn Dude Casting.

I’ve banged a lot of babes in my day, and honestly, this new casting site ain’t the first time I’ve recorded them sucking me off, riding my cock, or letting me fuck them up the ass. I actually had to rent a storage unit recently just so I’d have a place to store my growing archive of nudie photos and home hump movies, but my lawyers advised me against releasing those to the public. They did, however, help me draw up some paperwork to get Porn Dude Casting off the ground without running into legal issues or #MeToo nightmares. It may have been the best decision I ever made, and when you see the videos, I think you just might agree.


Why would The Porn Dude start his own casting site?

Maybe the better question is why I waited so damn long to dip my dong into the water and try putting out my own pornos. I already figured out how to run a successful adult site, and like any warm-blooded dude with a pulse and aboner, it’s long been a dream of mine to fuck the world’s hottest women in the face, mouth and ass with my giant dick, get it all on 4K ultra-HD video, and then release those videos on the Internet for likeminded perverts to watch while masturbating furiously.

It seems only natural to combine my knowledge of the web, my insight into dirty movies, and my appreciation for dirty sex and beautiful women into one unified package.

Basically, the short answer is that I wanted to, and I could, so I did. ThePornDude is known for knowing porn like the back of his shaft, so it’d be kind of a waste if I didn’t start an actual porn video site. Come on, wouldn’t you do the same thing if you were in my shoes? I’m going to interview and then fuck some of the world’s hottest pornstars and up-and-comers, and if I’m lucky, I might even make a few bucks at it. If that ain’t living the dream, I’ve been sleeping on stained, crusty sheets for absolutely no fucking reason!

Why casting porn instead of a free video tube, PornDude-branded tentacle hentai or another new “taboo” site?

You know, I mulled over a lot of ideas, and I haven’t ruled anything out forever, but a casting porn site seemed like the perfect fit for me. I didn’t want to just stamp my face on yet another free tube giving out samples with a big side of spam, and while I do think my handsome mug would look great in dirty cartoons, I wanted to reach more masturbators than just the fedora-wearing neckbeards living in mom’s basement. Those pseudo-incest sites are great, don’t get me wrong, but the illusion is a hard sell when you’re just one dude with a giant head and an enormous cock; how many boundary-impaired stepmoms and corruptible stepsisters can one horny guy really have, even in the most dysfunctional family?

I considered doing a teen site or maybe a premium MILF site, but in the end, I couldn’t choose. Besides, there are plenty of women between those two extremes who deserve my attention. An Asian porn site crossed my mind, as well as ones full of Latinas and Ebonybabes. Big titty sites are always a hit and I’ve always been a fan, but what if I also wanted to give some loving to a little sweetheart with perky little boobies?

Then it hit me: if I started my own casting site, I wouldn’t have to limit my pornographic adventures to just one category of beautiful naked sluts. As soon as I started lining up the starlets for my first casting videos, I knew I’d chosen right. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, Asians, Latinas and exotic mixed beauties were sending in applications right from the jump, trying to get an interview and the long, hard, fleshy benefit that comes with it.

And you’ve got to admit, the interview-and-boning format of casting porn really fits my brand. Instead of coming up with some outlandish setup about how my stepdad’s stepwife left me home alone with his cousin’s nymphomaniac stepdaughter, I get to chat with pornstars about the subject I know best: porn. After helping you guys get to know these lovely ladies and what makes them wet, I get to perform all those sweet moves I learned on the Internet and practiced on Tinder. Don’t feel left out, though, because you’re 100% invited to the party.


Banging out the smut for my users and fans

Maybe it seems selfish of me to horde all these video whores for myself, but at the end of the day, I really built Porn Dude Casting for the loyal readers, the regular users, and the horny fans.

ThePornDude.com wouldn’t be what it is today without the feedback I hear from you guys about what you like shaking your dick at whenever your boss leaves the office or after your wife goes to bed.

Think of this casting site as my way of giving a little back to the online pervert community who helped me get where I am, banging gorgeous pornstars in front of the whole Internet.

I’d love to hear what you think, so make use of those comment sections, and don’t be afraid to hit me up!