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I was fap-testing and writing up reviews of the web’s best porno sites for nearly a decade before I ever started shooting my own flicks, and I feel like that makes me at least something of an expert on the subject. As much as I appreciate self-love, though, I really built PornDudeCasting for the fans. I’d feel like a total fucking failure if I was the only one who could crank off to this stuff, so let me know what you think! I want to hear your thoughts on the girls, the angles, the sloppy blowjobs and ass-banging scenes, plus anything else you might want to give me a piece of your mind about. Hit me up with your questions, comments and best nudes, and I’ll do my best to get back to you when I’m not reviewing dirty movies or shooting my own.

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Welcome to Porn Dude Casting! dude

Ladies, gentlemen, and assorted sexual deviates, step right up and come witness the all-new, all-exclusive, all-filthy sexual extravaganza, Porn Dude Casting! I’ll be your host and super-stud, The Porn Dude, humping my way through a rotating cast of the world’s sexiest women, hottest pornstars, most talented models, and up-and-cumming amateurs. We’ll be getting to know each lovely lady a bit before I get to know them a bit more intimately, all caught on the magic of 4K video so you can play along at home. Now, I’ll be the first to tell you; this ain’t your ordinary porno casting couch site. For one thing, I ain’t your typical porn stud -check out my oversized head if you don’t believe me! I got famous on the Internet for my love and deep knowledge of porn as well as my raunchy sense of humor, and you damn well better believe I brought it all along with me. Hell, even if you don’t think I’m the least bit fucking hilarious, I challenge you not to get a boner gawking at thesechicks I’ll be slanging my dick at. I promise you: this is going to be some seriously good shit, but what else would you expect from the world’s foremost pornography expert?

Who the Hell is The Porn Dude? dude

If you’ve never heard of me, I’ll forgive you, but you’re a little bit late to the party. Since 2013, I’ve been fap-testing all the world’s great porn sites, not to mention some of the worst, and catalog my experiences over at ThePornDude.com. The site has since grown to be the most popular online smut directory on the web, with thousands of website reviews and millions of daily visitors. If you’re into jacking off, chances are you’ve passed through a time or two on your way to free blowjob tubes, hentai forums, and premium Asian paysites. What do you get when you spend every waking minute for nearly a decade living off a steady diet of dirty movies and boner pills? The world’s worst case of blue balls and an intimate knowledge of what makes for a good porno. I’d be a damn fool not to flex this pornographic know-how while getting some hands-on relief for my overflowing nuts. Hey, as much as I love cranking it to fuck flicks, I love making them even more!

Holy Shit, Premium Casting Flicks with that Porn Dude Flavor! dude

I’m a constantly horny motherfucker with an inbox full of free tubes, paysites and porn blogs, all begging me for a review. Even with all that smut coming right at me, I still have the same issues as any other masturbator: how do you find the good stuff on the Internet when there are so many adult sites out there? That’s why my reviews touch on things like the hotness of the starlets, the quality of the videos and the pornographic cinematography, the release schedule, the spam situation, and the bang for your buck.

Believe me; I understand whatit takes to make your site stand out among the rest. That’s why I’m making a commitment to banging the hottest video sluts, releasing the movies in crystal-clear 4K ultra-HD, dropping a new one every week, and delivering it with the convenience you expectfrom a solid paysite. You won’t find broken interfaces, bullshit filler, or weak, unfappable updates with ugly chicks between the big-name pornstar visits.

Yeah, you read that right: I’m building a casting site as good as any of the big-name premium joints out there, but with the dick jokes and attitude you expect from The Porn Dude. Shit, I’ll even throw in downloads, so you can save some for later and share your favorites with your friends and family. I always complain when premium sites cut out the download options, so it’d be kind of a dick move if I did the same. It’s a tall order, but I’ve always done whatever I could to help my fans get off really hard, over and over again.

Oh, and if you’re an OG Porn Dude fan or just want to lock in those high-end sex updates forever, I’ve got an “Early Supporter” deal that’ll get you lifetime access for a reasonable one-time fee. I’m only selling a thousand of these memberships, so get ‘em while they’re hot! (Because I promise you, the girls will always be hot, even as your own balls grow ever saggier.)

Blondes and Brunettes, Asians, Latinas, and Beyond dude

When I decided to launch my own porn site, I mulled over a number of different options. I think my giant dick would look great in porno cartoons or X-rated comics, but those have a limited audience, likewise with an adult video game. I considered it a taboo site since they’re really popular right now, or go all-in with a PornDude-branded OnlyFans clone. I knew a teen site would be fun, a big-titty library would always have an audience, and a Latina paysite would definitely be a blast to film, as well. Then it occurred to me that a new casting site would be a perfect spinoff for ThePornDude. Not only would the interviews be relevant to my work, getting a pornstar’s view of the online porn business, but it would let me smash any and every type of beautiful woman who came my way -on camera so I could whack off to them later, and so could you. My very first castings have already included teens, blondes, a redhead, an Asian and a couple of Latinas, and I’m just getting started!

Steady Weekly Updates, for Real? dude

That’s the plan, and that’s why I’ve already got a nice cast of babes booked for upcoming shoots. I know 2020 was a fucked-up year for porno, with a lot of the big premium sites failing to live up to their promised updates thanks to the restrictions of social distancing. It always feels like a ripoff when you pay thirty bucks for a membership, and they don’t even give you one video per week, even if that’s what they promised out front. Don’t even get me started on the sites that make you wait for the updates, and then deliver ten measly minutes of boring content. I’m putting out steady, full-length updates every Friday, so you can even schedule your bong-and-boner-pill wank sessions for the end of the week. Don’t say ThePornDude never gave you anything!

Hit Me Up and Tell Me What You Want to See! dude

ThePornDude grew from a humble labor of love into a globe-spanning directory of smut in nearly 30 languages. My goal wasalways to help visitors and fans find good material to shake their dicks at, and that’s still what I’m aiming for. I’m always interested in hearing what fans have to say, because you’re the real driving force behind my sites; if you ain’t getting off, I ain’t doing my job right! Use the comment sections beneath the videos to let your filthy voice be heard, or hit me up with all your perverted suggestions and nudes of your wife. Oh, and don’t forget to visit ThePornDude.com when you need more porn of any kind!