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Ana Foxxx
“I think of my whole self as a cum catcher!
Riley Reign
“You should cum on this pretty face!
Ameena Green
“I’m part of the itty-bitty titty committee!
Reina Heart
“Wow! Oh, my gosh. It’s so big!
Jessica Starling
“It’s definitely the best surprise I’ve had so far!”
Sky Pierce
“I had sex with a girl before a guy!
Mickey Violet
“I have a very sensitive clit, which helps!
Anissa Kate
“I rub my clit and then I cum really fast!
Sophia Burns
“I don’t really have a gag reflex!
Jasmine Jae
“I’ve got two hands and three holes. Let’s go!
Nicole Doshi
“I need to teach you good lessons by riding your cock!
Vanessa Vega
“PornDude, your dick is beautiful!
Kylie Quinn
“I’m very okay… I haven’t cum that many times in a long time!
Ella Reese
“Now I’m back to the industry and all the fun!
Paige Owens
“I sucked a little bit of dick on the beach!
Bella Rolland
“I want you to paint my face so I can eat it off!
Jackie Hoff
“They don’t call me Jackie Hoff for nothing!
Kira Noir
“I like dick, so I can’t really be a lesbian!
Eliza Ibarra
“What a great surprise! Feels like Christmas!
Misha Cross
“My challenge today is to make you cum just from my feet!
Lily Lou
“I want you to cum in my eyes!
Sarah Jessie
“Don’t make me count my dicks!
Summer Vixen
“I even brought a toy with me! I’m living my dream!
Maya Woulfe
“Use my little pussy, I love cumming!
Savannah Bond
“I love watching that cock sliding in and out of my pussy like that!
Aria Valencia
“I’m a little crazy, but in a good way!
Armani Black
“Whores work for money. Sluts love sex!
Slimthick Vic
“I think it’s gonna be red for a little bit!
Sera Ryder
“I love a mascot that’ll put me in my place!
Khloe Kapri
“I want a white Christmas all over my braces!
Penelope Kay
“I just love cum. A lot. It’s very rewarding and satisfying!
Violet Starr
“I heard Porn Dude was around, so I wanted to get some of that dick!
Avery Black
“Sometimes I do just want to ride a dick the size of my arm!
Charly Summer
““I like to use my feet for good things!
Coco Lovelock
“I’m a little fuck toy like Karen!
Ryan Reid
“I wanted to start getting all the dick! Now I’m getting all the dick!
Violet Myers
“I feel like a lot of people don’t appreciate balls!
Mackenzie Mace
“I can’t believe I’m sucking Porn Dude’s dick!
Jazlyn Ray
“They say I have a gorilla grip pussy!
Nicole Kitt
“I have a pretty extensive dildo collection if I must say so myself!
Aiden Ashley
“I’ve been known to fuck my fair share of girls at parties!
Alyx Star
“My secret weapon is: I can cum from my nipples being stimulated!
Marica Hase
“I came here to fuck everybody in the world! I’m big friend with Hitachi!
Destiny Cruz
“I was literally cum drunk, so much that I couldn’t walk or speak anymore!
Gianna Dior
“I don’t think anything matters except how you use your dick! I want a huge fucking load all over me!
Gia Derza
“I’d go to the parties, suck dick in front of everybody, have people spanking me and shit!
Jasmine Wilde
“I would cut class and just suck dick in the library or under the stairwell
Kay Lovely
“Now I just want you to choke the fuck out of me! Spank me harder!
April Olsen
“I wish I had more threesomes, and I wish I had more sex with women, too!
Kimora Quin
“I like to get fucked hard and choked and stuff like that! I love masturbating!
Maddy May
“The fact that I’m wearing panties is a surprise! Oh my god, I never knew you could fuck like this!
Jesse Pony
“I heard about The Porn Dude and I was like, oh my fucking god, this has to be my first scene, for sure!
Angel Youngs
“I do love watching anal! I got some cum in my mouth and got some good dick!
Eliza Eves
“I was meeting with 3 different tinder dudes a day. I'm just a complete sex addict! I like choking, spanking and slapping!
Natasha Nice
“They came in at 11, and at 18 they were very much big natural porn titties! I really like when guys call me mommy!
Erin Everheart
“I really like working my ass off, literally! I prefer to get fucked in the ass than my pussy!
Camila Cortez
“Every girl masturbates. Either in the shower, in her bed, or wherever the fuck… Reading a book, she’s gonna think of masturbating!
Ember Snow
“Give you a little preview of what you’re going to have right now! I’m so distracted by your dick right now, it’s hard to think.
Spencer Bradley
“I’m well fed. I’m feeling sexy. I’m ready to take it up the butt! I like watching multiple guys on one girl!
Marilyn Johnson
“I absolutely love what I do, I love getting fucked all the time and I love a good gangbang!
Kinsley Kane
“I used to watch lesbian porn or just like "big dicks small chicks" type of shit, just because it naturally turns me on!"
Everly Haze
“I’m not one of those girls who does kinky stuff for the views, I do kinky stuff because that’s what I like! I like being choked. I like being spit on. I like being called a useless whore!
Katie Morgan
“You finally met the criteria! It’s hard not to touch my clit while you’re fucking me in the ass!
Nadia Noja
“I am a freak that acts innocent at first, I Really love to do anal!
Lauren Phillips
“I'm just a Jersey girl who likes to have sex on camera! It’s dripping! We need a cup!
Catalina Ossa
“You can fuck my throat, it’s an extra hole. The messier, the better, I always say.
Indica Monroe
“When I was pregnant, I needed all the fucking dick that I could get! I’ve had five dicks in one day. It was fucking amazing!
Roxy Rain
“I joined the industry professionally in 2020 and I ride dick pretty good!
Nikole Nash
“I’m past the party age. Seeing the titties bounce and watching that pussy fucked I think is really hot.
Harley King
“It was a great first experience! Let me know how you feel about this!
Paisley Porter
“I’ve always been kind of a slut. I would like to get up to the 2000-cock stare and win some awards on the way.
Harlow West
“It doesn't matter the size, it's about how well you can use it! Your floor may be a little wet now!
Madi Collins
“Stretch my tiny pussy out! I owe you a new couch! If you can fuck me like that, hit me up!
Tristan Summers
“Now I’m living the dream, making my own kind of pizza. I love Riley Reid, she is so pretty.
Danielle Peart
“I’m usually the baddest bitch on the pole when I get there!
Kimmy Kimm
“Since I’m flexible, I like to take advantage of it! I kinda like being folded up like a pretzel
Dixie Lynn
“I’m pretty sure it’s a big number! I totally belong here! I’m sad it ended!
Samantha Reigns
“I want it so bad in my pussy! Doggystyle’s my favorite! I wish everyone could enjoy a little piece of me!
Camila Cano
“It's not a lot, but here we are! I like older men and gangbang!
Carrie Rain
“I just want to do this for the rest of my life! I want it up the ass so bad, Porn Dude!
Emily Right
“Fine. I don't know! Please don't pull on my head like that.
Aria Carson
“I used to be a stripper, and my name was Carson when I danced. Then one day I was like: Oh, maybe I'll try porn!
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